roject Kaisei has created a global following of awareness in the press and the community, as it is drawing attention to something that snuck under our radar, and most were not aware about – the fact that the one of the most remote ecosystems on the planet has been accumulating our non-biodegradable waste for the past 50 years, and it continues to worsen. As a result, the publicity that can be gained by becoming partners, collaborators and sponsors of Project Kaisei and its efforts is significant. We cannot achieve the high levels of success that we believe we will be able to obtain, without support from the private sector and other donors. Being engaged in this type of project offers many opportunities to create strong brand loyalty, new customer access, employee pride and participation, and overall community involvement.

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We recognize that our project has many touch points in many aspects of science, industry, technology and education, each of which may be more important to sponsors/collaborators than others. In this case, we are flexible in working out a sponsorship package that meets the needs of your organization and addresses the desires of your constituents or markets. Please contact us for more information.


roject Kaisei was started in late 2008, based in San Francisco and Hong Kong, and operates under the umbrella of Ocean Voyages Institute, which is a registered 501c3 in California since 1979. Its efforts are funded by donations of individuals, corporations and foundations, as well as in-kind support. In order to maintain our efforts, we your appreciate continued support to help our global efforts on reducing the amount of plastic in our ocean.