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Pope Francis’s Encyclical

Pope Francis’s Encyclical Spent some of today reading the text of Pope Francis’s Encyclical – a very impressive document. There is so much that he shares that is incredibly accurate – beautifully and courageously delivered. Read the document in full here

Project Kaisei: Collaborating to Protect Our Oceans

Doug Woodring, Executive Director of Project Kaisei, explains his organization’s mission and that although the media’s focus is on the North Pacific Gyre, the real issue is a wake up call to the way we use materials in our daily lives, and how those impact our environment. Listen to Doug as he shares stories and […]

Day 00 S/V Kaisei: Rite of Passage | Project Kaisei

Day 00 S/V Kaisei: Rite of Passage Monday, 3 August 2009 Pt. Richmond, CA A former Japanese training vessel, the brigantine Kaisei, departs in the morning, stopping briefly in Sausalito for a press photo op and then sailing out through the Golden Gate with the noon flood tide. She will carry with her 24 participants in […]

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Plastics ‘poisoning world’s seas’

Plastics ‘poisoning world’s seas’ By Maggie Ayre Producer, Costing The Earth A study details plastic litter polluting the marine environment Microscopic particles of plastic could be poisoning the oceans, according to a British team of researchers. They report that small plastic pellets called “mermaids’ tears”, which are the result of industry and domestic waste, have […]

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Diary from the middle of nowhere

Diary from the middle of nowhere BBC environment correspondent David Shukman reports on the plastic peril facing the remote Pacific atoll of Midway. Plastic debris collects around the atoll, scene of a seminal World War II battle, with serious consequences for its wildlife. FRIDAY 28 MARCH – THE BAG BATTLE OF MIDWAY Time to hand […]