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Day 00 S/V Kaisei: Rite of Passage | Project Kaisei

Day 00 S/V Kaisei: Rite of Passage

Monday, 3 August 2009

Pt. Richmond, CA

A former Japanese training vessel, the brigantine Kaisei, departs in the morning, stopping briefly in Sausalito for a press photo op and then sailing out through the Golden Gate with the noon flood tide. She will carry with her 24 participants in the mission Project Kaisei, sponsored by Ocean Voyages Institute.

Captain Mike Smith, First Mate Adrian Stone and Chief Engineer Cathy Strohecker are overseeing final preparations for getting underway. Jocelyne Turner is below in her galley, stocking the shelves and finding spaces for packaged food wherever she can.

Like the beginnings and endings of most things, there is a level of “calm confusion” mixed with excitement and anticipation. There are a lot of supplies and equipment, as well as people involved in their respective areas of responsibilities, in all of the ship’s spaces. Scientists and videographers are loading and stowing their prodigious gear. Though the vessel is 151’ from stem to stern, she is only 25’ at her beam; storage space is at a premium.

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